Heather De Cair, Owner/Tutor

Heather De Cair is a CA credentialed teacher who has been teaching K-12 students since 2012. She is a passionate educator who enjoys helping families, and engaging in one-on-one instruction. Heather wholeheartedly believes that one-on-one instruction is the foundation of student progression. There is an obvious gap that exists in classroom learning, where students fall and tend to struggle. Through a process of relationship building, and by providing students a variety of “tools” for their “tool boxes,” Heather has made significant progress with her students of all ages. Heather began seeking other like-minded teachers to offer greater availability to families, and in order to help more students succeed.  Heather’s Tutors was the result of this union. Heather’s excitement for teaching and dedication to her students is clear, and she puts significant effort in matching students with the absolute best possible teacher. Heather’s Tutors are caring, respectable, and extremely passionate educators. Regardless if your student is needing support or seeking challenges, Heather’s Tutors is here to help!